Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles showing great progress on their first building

The sisters are moving ahead with the initial building on their property near St. Joseph, MO. For more pictures, click here. To help the sisters financially, click here.

The Holy Father...prepared to avoid the hot sun

The photo is for real. The logo of the local heros is just part of the blogger's fanciful imagination.

Blessing of herbs, flowers and fruits on the Feast of the Assumption

We hate to admit to this ignorance, but we'd never heard of this pious practice before Canon Avis announced it in Sunday's bulletin. In doing a little further research we discovered Father Mark Daniel Kirby's blog with a wealth of information about its history and symbolism. Father Kirby is the Prior of the Diocesan Benedictine Monastery of Our Lady of the Cenacle in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Here's a part of the post. You can read the entire article here.
"Christians of both East and West have, from very early times, blessed herbs and fruit on the Feast of the Assumption. Thus blessed, these creatures become sacramentals of the Church and portents of divine protection from dangers to soul and body. In some places the herbs were placed on the altar, and even beneath the altar linens, so that from this proximity to the Most Holy Eucharist they might receive a special hallowing, beyond that conferred by the blessing prayers of the Church."
We are looking forward to experiencing this blessing prior to the Masses at Old St. Patrick Oratory on August 15th.

Development News in our neighborhood

The previously announced development in the East Village area adjoining Old St. Patrick has been pretty dormant over the last couple of years other than the construction of the J.E. Dunn headquarters. About all that has happened is some demolition of deteriorated structures.

Now there are good reports in the news. If they come to fruition, they will eventually result in new quality development in the vicinity of the church.

According to the Kansas City Business Journal, ground will be broken in August for the construction of a 50 unit apartment project just to the south and east of us at 9th and Holmes.

According to the article, this project could be an ice-breaker now that the recession seems to be recessing a little. News of more development should be forthcoming. The Fed's Government Services Administration is still considering building a 600,000 square foot building at 12th and Charlotte. If the GSA deal goes, another likely project is a large motel nearby. Also in the works is a renovation to commercial space of the old Blackstone Hotel just across the street from the church parking lot at 817 Cherry.

The East Village developer says that its long range plan includes between 500 and 1,000 new rental units that could ultimately be converted to condominiums.

In addition, the FAA has apparently received some federal funds to help build a parking structure on the site of the demolished Cherry Street Motel just up the street from the church. This parking will be for FAA building only, just south of OSP, but that will help the overall parking situation in the area.

This all sounds pretty good! Let's keep our fingers crossed and quality investment in our neighborhood in our prayers.

Another spiritual destination in St. Louis - The Cathedral Basilica

Should you visit St. Louis for the Vatican Splendors exhibit (see the previous post below), DO NOT miss attending Mass at the Cathedral Basilica just down the street from the Missouri History Museum. This photo of the nave of the basilica was taken last fall at the conclusion of the investiture of new knights and ladies into the Order of Knights of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem. This is stunning architecture!

Here's splendid destination for a week-end motor trip this summer

"Vatican Splendors: A Journey through Faith and Art: will be showing at the Missouri History Museum in Forest Park - St. Louis, Missouri through Sept. 12.

The exhibit is a fantastic walk through 10,000 square feet of Vatican treasures of art and history... from Michelangelo to the relics of St. Peter. The exhibit explores the close relationship among the papacy, art and culture through historical maps, drawings of architecture commissioned by the Vatican, paintings, sculpture and objects of faith from around the world.

This is the largest collection of Vatican artifacts ever to tour the U.S., and the exhibition is organized into 11 galleries that illustrate the evolution of the Church and its papacy beginning with Saint Peter through the papacy of Pope Benedict XVI, with thematic areas highlighting important developments, moments, people and events tied to the history of the Catholic Church and the Vatican, reflected in both important historical objects and artistic expression from different eras. The objects are presented in recreated environments that enhance the visitor's understanding of their historical and artistic significance. For more detail check out the exhibit website here.

The Missouri History Museum is at Lindell and Debaliviere in Forest Park (5700 Lindell Blvd.)

Cost: (...a modest...) $19.50 for adults; $17 for seniors and students; $13 for children ages six through 12; Children 5 and under are admitted free.

After the exhibit closes in middle September it continues its tour next at the Heinz History Museum in Pittsburgh, PA. opening October 2, 2010.

Here's a good bargain for the trip: Amtrak has a package deal that includes:
  • Round-Trip Amtrak Rail Service in Coach Seating
  • 2 Nights Accommodations at Sheraton City Center (Other Hotels Available)
  • VIP Admission to Vatican Splendors at the Missouri History Museum
  • Admission to the Gateway Arch Tram
  • All Taxes
For pricing from various Amtrack cities click here.

A charming and unique rendition of "DO-RE-MI" from the "Sound of Music"

You'll love this semi-staged, but yet spontaneous video.

Institute posts photos of ordinations

If you can read French you will appreciate a little better what is going on in the photographs on the Institute's international website.

On July 1st, Archbishop Raymond Burke officiated at the ordination of new priests of the order, at the church of San Michele e Gaetano in Florence, Italy.

Ordained were: Aaron Huberfeld (American), Michael Stein (American), and Antoine Bucheron (French).

The photographs of the ceremonies are excellent.

Pithy Health Advice

Children lead the procession

In a wonderful stop-motion photo of the beginning of the bi-diocesan Corpus Christi procession on June 6th, the photographer, Elaina Cochran shooting for The Leaven newspaper caught the lead children leaving the doors of Old St. Patrick Oratory by beginning to spread flower petals over the path of the Holy Eucharist to follow.

According to "The Catechism Explained" authored by Rev. Francis Spirago, © 1921, children take the lead in solemn processions because their greater innocence renders them more pleasing to God.

Holiday Celebrations Get An Early Start

From our den window, we were entertained last night with a lovely fireworks celebration from what we believe was the Kansas City Country Club a mile or so west of us. Also, this photo shows a bright Venus clearly in the western sky.