Kansas City STAR calls for Bishop Finn's resignation...what a bunch of nonsense!

There is not a single shred of doubt in this writer's mind that Bishop Finn has done everything possible to punish past evil actions perpetrated by some priest's in the Kansas City-St. Joseph diocese. There is also not a single shred of doubt that he has done everything humanly possible to institute safeguards to protect children in the diocese now and for the future.

This morning the Kansas City STAR editorial board published a scurrilous and transparently biased opinion that called for our beloved Bishop Finn to resign. (Click here to ruin your day).

Our Bishop has proven himself time after time, instance after instance as the finest leader of our diocese in living memory. If you have time, please write the STAR regarding this cheap shot at Robert Finn.

The Kansas City STAR is nearly bankrupt financially...and not too far from closing the doors. Publishing nonsense such as this won't help its survival in a dying industry.

UPDATE: Here are some reactions by the faithful this far...