On the way to Florida

As many of you know, Robin and I are moving to Florida. Robin has had the wonderful fortune to be offered the position of teaching 1st grade at Ave Maria University's preparatory school, Donahue Academy. It is her "dream job". And as much as we love Kansas City and Old St. Patrick, it was an offer that we couldn't refuse.

It happened very quickly and unexpectedly. She has now been 'on the job' for three weeks and I will be joining her this coming week...after getting many things settled in Kansas City. Robin loves it! After years teaching in a public school atmosphere, this assignment is a blessing for her and for us. The school is ideal in philosophy and reality. The children and the families are as good as you could possibly imagine. And the beautiful new town of Ave Maria, Florida is a blessing in all respects. Plus, the Gulf of Mexico is just a half-hour drive! No oil on Naples, FL pristine beaches.

Here are a few pictures: 1) the first is a photo of the school; 2) the second is a photo of the condominium building in which we will be living; and 3) the third is our view from the apartment at night toward the magnificent Ave Maria Oratory just across the street from where we live.

We hope to continue blogging from time to time about Old St. Patrick Oratory doings. But we must rely on folks sending us the news. We will return from time to time to Kansas City and will spend next summer here in our home.

This is a standing invitation to any who might visit S.W. Florida and would like a tour of Ave Maria Town and University. As soon as we get some furniture, we may have a spare room available too. God bless all OSP members and those who read this weblog. A.M.D.G.

P.S. We want to express greetings from Virginia and Patrick Hanley who are neighbors at Ave Maria. The Hanley's were members of the Latin Mass Community at Our Lady of Sorrows in Kansas City for a number of years, leaving to move to Delaware and eventually to Ave Maria. They have been very kind and helpful to us in getting settled.

A reminder that laughter is the best medicine...

With a mother who is 93 and a with a Father who just died this year at age 96, and as a senior citizen myself, I was moved to emotion and to "rolling-in-the-aisles" laughter at this prayer given by a senior citizen at a banquet of senior care professionals. Hope you enjoy it.

5th Anniversary of Bishop Finn's announcement of our move to Old St. Patrick is celebrated

A small group of Old St. Patrick parishioners gathered Saturday evening, August 14th to commemorate Bishop Finn's visit to Our Lady of Sorrows and our 9:15 a.m. Mass five years ago on August 14, 2005 to tell us that he was giving us the use of Old St. Patrick Oratory for the exclusive celebration of the traditional Latin Mass.

Bishop Finn honored the gathering with his presence. In an emotional and extremely well-spoken presentation, parishioner Paul Villotti presented Bishop Finn with a remembrance of the evening -- a beautiful crucifix, the corpus of which was carved by his son Jacob Villotti and then cast in plaster. The cross-pieces of wood of the crucifix were constructed of salvaged pine flooring from the renovation of the Oratory. It was strikingly done.

Bishop Finn thanked all for the celebration and the gift. He also thanked Canon Avis and the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest for agreeing to assume the service of the Old St. Patrick Oratory community. Bishop Finn's comments were clearly heartfelt and, as always, full of humor that caused laughter, cheers and and great satisfaction.

The evening also celebrated the birth date of Don Deister R.I.P, who would have been 75 years old that date. Don's widow, Bernie Deister and his son Craig Deister were on hand to celebrate with us.

The celebration was sponsored by Paul and Felicia Villotti, Joe and Jo Ann Farris and by John and Robin Quastler. Photos of a few of those in attendance follow...

Very Happy Families...Old St. Patrick's Jack Potts marries in California

Parishioner Jack Potts and Anne Marie Sauder of Ponce, Puerto Rico were joined in Holy Matrimony July 24th in Ventura, California. Jack is the son of John and Jennifer Potts of Kansas City. The bride is the daughter of Carl and Kathy Sauder of Puerto Rico. Anne Marie's parents were both graduates of Thomas Aquinas College as are the newly-weds. The couple plans to return to Kansas City to form their new home as Jack will continue his education by studying for a nursing degree. Our very best wishes to Jack and Anne Marie!!!
(Shown in the photo are (left to right): John Potts, Jenny Potts, Jack Potts and Anne Marie Sauder Potts.)

Garden of our God!

In Colorado, just an hour and eight minutes by air...there are naturally astonishing vistas that native Americans thought were the work of many deities. But of course, we know differently. This view was taken in the 1,500+ acre Garden of the Gods park looking toward Pike's Peak in the center shrouded that morning with low clouds. This park is a "don't miss" attraction if you're in the Colorado Springs area.

Latin Mass in the Denver Diocese - Strong and Thriving

Yesterday morning when we left to return to Kansas City after a week in the mountains it was 59 degrees. Quite a difference in temperature when we stepped off the plane. The thermostat in our car at KCI airport parking lot read 112 degrees.

But, back to the point! We had the opportunity during our visit to attend Mass at the FSSP apostolate in Littleton, Colorado (Denver diocese). Father James Jackson, FSSP is the pastor. Many of you may know Father as he's from the midwest and a product of the KU Humanities program. The photo above was taken at the High Mass this last Sunday.

This parish, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel is extremely healthy with near capacity attendance at three Masses on Sundays. The parish, which is dedicated solely to the Extraordinary Form of the Mass as is Old St. Patrick, is in the midst of a capital campaign to build a new church and social facilities. Here's an architect's rendering of the new building design. Looks beautiful doesn't it? Our prayers for their successful fund-raising goes to them.

360 Degree Viewing of the Sistine Chapel.

Follow this link for a spectacular view of the Sistine Chapel. Just move your mouse over the image when the picture fully loads. It allows you to move around, up and down and also allows you to enlarge or reduce any segment of the video. The only thing better would be to actually visit the chapel in person. A reader sent this link for our enjoyment.