Michael Steele, pro-life conservative and devout Catholic, to lead the Republicans

Strongly pro-life Catholic and former seminarian, Michael Steele has been selected as the Republican National Committee chairman. Catholic News Agency has a well-crafted story about Steele's credentials and history. In 2003, Steele was invited to speak to the U. S. bishop's Executive Council. Steele, it is said, spoke "very directly, but diplomatically, to the bishops about their need to promote the pro-life cause with greater vigor. He talked about his disappointment with their leadership and its consequences among the African-American community. When he finished talking there was a powerful silence in the room."

Another offering by our favorite photographer

David Remley, a great supporter of Old St. Patrick has provided this stunning image of the Oratory nestled amongst some newer architecture at its 8th and Cherry downtown location. David has photographed numerous occasions for the Diocese including ordinations and kindly provided over 500 images of the Oratory taken during the rededication and consecration liturgy on October 25th of last year. 

You may see more of David's work here. In addition to his work for the Oratory and the Diocese, he creates digital photo illustration, and does portraits, weddings and much commercial work. Our thanks to David Remley for his service to our community.

"FunPic" of the Week

On a lighter note: We offer this charming photo by an
anonymous photographer. 

Whatever happened to "the spirit of Vatican II?"

The intention of this banal expression, familiar to most Catholics through its excessive use, was code to cloak the disregard of the true documents and expressed intentions and objectives of the Second Vatican Council. 

The phrase seems to be fading into the fog of history.

When have you heard this cliche last? 

Doing things in "...the spirit of Vatican II..." has been exposed for what it was, cover for those in the Church who wanted to force their opinions and judgments on those who simply didn't know any better, mostly because of their faithful reliance on their spiritual leaders.

But, thanks to our Holy Father, not many are buying it any longer. The "spirit of Vatican II" approach has been a documented misfortune for the Church with sour fruits that are well-known to readers of this blog. A new phrase heard more and more these days is...the spirit of "reform of the reform...". 

Thank goodness we no longer pick up our Catholic Key and see articles and commentaries that flirted with heresy and denial of dogma of the Church excused in terms of the "...spirit of Vatican II". The natural course of life toward death is slowly lessening of the influence of those self-appointed "spirits of Vatican II" that have haunted the Church for over four decades.

Pastor speaks out forcefully about "communion in the hand"

"Many people born prior to the Second Vatican Council will remember when everyone received Holy Communion on the tongue and kneeling. This has been the long held practice for thousands of years. While many think that it was Vatican II that called for this change, it is important to note: Vatican II never called for Communion in the hand."

Fr. Greg J. Markey, a parish priest and pastor in Norwalk, Conn. has written a very well researched and interesting essay about how "communion in the hand" got its illicit and disobedient start and became general practice in the wake of Vatican II. It's worth the read at Catholic Online. He calls for Catholics to resolve to abandon Communion in the hand and replace it with reception of the Holy Eucharist kneeling and on the tongue.

Lots of new visitors to Old St. Patrick's neighborhood

The restored Oratory re-opened at a very good time. Downtown is really booming, even in spite of the downturn in the overall economy. The number of hotel room nights the Kansas City Convention & Visitors Association booked in 2008 jumped 31.5 percent from 2007, which the association attributed to the allure of the city’s revitalized Downtown. This is according to the Kansas City Business Journal.

The association booked 438,521 hotel room nights in 2008, up from 333,346 in 2007.

“Our new Convention District — with the new Grand Ballroom, Sprint Center and the Power & Light District — has created renewed interest in our city, causing meeting planners who normally may not consider Kansas City to take a second look (and) ultimately book a meeting here,” association CEO Rick Hughes said in the release.

The association’s 2008 bookings included 332,483 hotel room nights for 41 meetings at the Kansas City Convention Center, the highest number since 1997.

Also, the new AMC Movie complex is about to open and the new Cosentino's Market has opened to excellent reviews and good size crowds of shoppers and diners. Restoration of downtown is moving easterly toward and eventually to surround Old St. Patrick. Soon, new residential units will be renovated and newly built. This all bodes well for the health of our new community. We should keep all this in our prayers.

St. Louis Bishop speaks directly and without evasion

Bishop Robert Hermann, administrator of the Archdiocese of St. Louis, says that the election of President Barack Obama would not have occurred without the support of lax Catholics.
“If at this stage our anger is directed at President Obama, our anger is misdirected,” Bishop Hermann writes. “Obama is not the enemy. He needs and deserves our prayers, not our condemnation. As Catholics, we are not guiltless. It seems to me that when President Kennedy compromised Catholic teachings and accommodated political pressures in order to be elected to the highest office in the land, he set the tone for many Catholic leaders to follow and to compromise their Catholic principles to get ahead. In our Supreme Court and in our Congress, we have a plethora of so-called Catholics who are failing to live their Catholic identity. Over 50 percent of our electorate voted for a president who is one of the most pro-culture-of-death candidates from a major party to run for the highest office of the land. Yes, we can thank one-half of our Catholics for bailing out on their faith!”

“In order to bring about a transformation from a culture of death to a culture of life,” Bishop Hermann continues,
“we have to restore our Catholic identity. This means that all of us, as Catholics, have to undergo a profound transformation. It means that we have to take a good look at every facet of our Catholic life, including the serious study of life issues, the regular and devout use of our Sacramental system, especially the devout and weekly attendance at Mass, the regular reception of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, the devout praying of the daily Rosary, and then the faithful, loving and firm witness to lax Catholics about our Catholic beliefs and practices … Until we are willing to be politically incorrect in order to be biblically correct, we will never convince anyone that our religion is worth living."
"President Obama, pro-choice legislators and Planned Parenthood are not our enemies. Our enemies are the invisible forces masked behind these people … They are used by our common enemy, Satan, and his evil forces, to get us to hate so that we, too, will end up in a culture of death … We owe all of them prayers and fasting for their conversion. At one point, Gov. Reagan was California's very pro-abortion governor. Yet he became a very pro-life president. He repented and regretted the evil he supported. We must bravely witness against supporting pro-choice and pro-abortion candidates in political elections, but pray daily for their conversion.”

“This is a great time to be a Catholic.
This is a great time to witness to such a clear choice, the choice of Christ or the anti-Christ.”

Ever want to send the Pope an email?

Thanks to Father Z. here's some information about how to contact the Holy Father.

"His mailing address:
His Holiness
Pope Benedict XVI
Apostolic Palace

"There is also an email address, but I don’t know how well it is monitored.
"If you use it, Father Z. suggests that you write a clear "subject line". Imagine the spam and bad stuff sent to that address.

"And keep it very brief if you write. Always end with an expression of prayer for his heavy burdens or the intentions he has designated."

It's Official - SSPX Excommunications are lifted

The text of the decree of the Congregation for Bishops can be read at Rorate-Caeli blog along with responses by the SSPX Superior General and many thoughtful (and some not so thoughtful) comments by others.

There are still many items of discussion to be addressed and all the traditional faithful sincerely hope that we will soon see full communion and participation in the greater Church.

Comments by the FSSP at New Liturgical Movement blog. Thus far, to our knowledge no comment has been officially made by the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest. We were unable to find anything on the U.S. or the Headquarter's websites. When something turns up, we'll post it.

Lambs wool given to the Holy Father

As we posted on Jan. 18th (scroll below), the blessing of the lambs whose wool will be used for the making of palliums to be distributed later in the year to archbishops as a sign of unity with the Holy See was held on the feast of St. Agnes on 1/21/2009. The Vatican YouTube page has a short video of the ceremony. We can't embed this video at the Vatican request, but you can click the above link to view it.

What appears to be a serious rumor...SSPX excommunications to be lifted

It is being reported that His Holiness Benedict XVI will soon lift the excommunication of the four bishops of the Society of St. Pius X. The excommunication was promulgated by Pope John Paul II in 1988.

This link is to an auto-translation of a post by a well respected Italian blogger. It is expected to turn out to be reliable. The auto-translation by Google is not perfect by any measure and the details should be considered possibility rather than reality.

When...and if...it becomes officially announced, we'll have the details right here. 

Update: 1:00 p.m. Thursday - 1/22/2009. Looks more and more like this is going to be a done deal. Another very reliable blogger says:
"Benedict XVI has decided. The decree containing the withdrawal of excommunication for the schismatic Lefrebrists is ready."

Don Deister is "...feeling fine"

We're thrilled to report that after a little scare, our friend and Oratory member, Don Deister has returned to work...at least part-time. We don't think that this will surprise anyone.

Don hasn't been feeling well for the last couple of weeks, but he checked in with his doctor yesterday. And after some tests, some new medications and some therapeutic procedures, along with his indomitable spirit, Don is back at the work site this afternoon. 

Nevertheless, we should keep Don in our thoughts and prayers. He is a treasure of our community...one of a kind! God bless him!

...and the WINNER IS...!!!

For those of you who took a brief moment to vote for the "Favorite Renovation Photo" from Old St. Patrick, we express our thanks and appreciation. You can see the pictures below by scrolling down about three feet.

The winner (to the left) was the photo of "The Discovery of Father's Dunn's Crypt" with 39% of the vote.

Runners-up were:
  • A tie between "Go in Peace" and "Hundreds of Wheelbarrow Loads" - 20% each
  • "Hot, Hard Labor" - 17%
  • And, at 13% was "Father Buchholz and Friends".

Scenes from Old St. Patrick Oratory - Our Bishop Finn celebrates the Extraordinary Form

With thanks to KansasCatholic blog for the artfully composed photograph, we're pleased to show Bishop Robert Finn celebrating Mass at the Oratory. The occasion was the recent investiture ceremonies of the sisters of the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles. Shown with our bishop are Fathers Philip Wolfe and Thomas Longua of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter who participated in the sister's beautiful liturgy.

Bow Tie Intensive

Gregorian Chant singers at the Church Music Association of America (CMAA) - Chant Intensive last week in San Diego requested Jeffrey Tucker to demonstrate how he ties his signature bow-ties... which are very much a part of his unique and quirky personality. Jeffrey is one of America's foremost experts in Gregorian Chant and some of his essays, which are always scholarly and sometimes hilarious, have appeared in the pages of this blog in the past. As usual, Jeffrey's demonstration is instructive (he's a great teacher) and full of chuckles. 

A little liturgical trivia...appropriate to this week in which the Church emphasizes UNITY.

The Pallium is a vestment proper to the pope, who confers it on archbishops in token of their unity with and obedience to him. It is a band of cloth worn around the neck and has a 2-in. (5.1-cm) pendant hanging down in both front and back. There are six crosses on the pallium. It is woven of wool from two lambs presented to the pope at the Church of St. Agnes in Rome on her feast day which is later this week, January 21st. 

Certain liturgical functions, such as ordination, require the use of the pallium, and an archbishop may not perform those until he has received it. The use of the pallium dates back to the 6th cent.

(The photograph to the left is Benedict XVI's pallium and is courtesy of New Liturgical Movement.)

Unity of the Church Octave

Canon Avis announced this morning at 8:00 a.m. Mass the beginning today of the "Chair of Unity - Octave Devotions". We understand that that the prayers of the first day of the Octave were begun at the 10:15 a.m. Mass.

We must admit our ignorance, but this is a devotion that is only faintly familiar to us...and probably not prayed very often. So after a little research, here is some background for our readers' edification and information. 

The objective of the prayers of the Octave is to make reparation for the sins of modernism, particularly for those which have defiled our churches and holy liturgy, and to pray for the return of our brethren separated by modernism, liturgical experimentation, other errors and schisms to full communion with the Catholic Church.

In the Octave, the faithful recite the devotions for the Chair of Unity Octave, which extends from the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter at Rome (today) until the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul (January 25). (The photograph above is of the Chair of St. Peter in the Basilica of St. Peter in Rome)

Vote for your favorite renovation photograph

A committee has selected semi-finalists. But you get to make the final choice. Please pick your favorite from these five photos in the poll space in the column just to the right:

#1 - The discovery of the crypt of Father James Dunn, Old St. Patrick's second pastor (d. 1888). It was found under the sanctuary steps. Father Dunn's remains had been re-interred to Mt. St. Mary Cemetery in the late 1920s.
#2 - Hundreds of wheelbarrow loads. Volunteers mixed, pushed and pulled tons of concrete during the renovation for floor joist supports and for under-foundation platforms for the hugely heavy main and side altars.
#3 - Father Denis Buchholz and friends inspecting the progress at the Oratory during renovation.
#4 - Hard, hot labor. Tunnels in the Oratory had to be excavated by hand to accommodate the new HVAC ducts. The dirt was dug and dragged out by carts pulled out by rope. Remember, "The Great Escape" film? That's what it was like. There were many heroes and heroines from our membership.
#5 - Go in peace. That's what the stained glass says as a volunteer carted one of thousands of loads of debris from the 130+ year old church.
Please place your vote in the right hand column. And thanks for your participation.

"Faithful" colleges support and encourage vocations to religious life

The Cardinal Newman Society's "The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College" reports that some faithful colleges do an excellent job of helping to guide young persons considering religious vocations. Some colleges particularly mentioned in a recent Catholic.org article are:
  • Thomas Aquinas College - with over 11% of its student graduates seeking religious life since its founding in 1971
  • Magdalen College  - close behind with 10% in 35 years of existence.
  • Other successful academic institutions are Christendom College , the Franciscan University of Steubenville and Ave Maria University.
The report states that many young people are wanting "to do God's will" and will find a culturally supportive atmosphere and many valuable programs at the above mentioned 'faithful' colleges.

Impromptu "Coffee & Donuts" at Consentino's Market

Curious about the new Cosentino's Market that opened just last Tuesday in downtown Kansas City (13th & Main streets), a small group of OSP members gathered there for coffee, pastries and conversation after 8:00 a.m. Mass.

We don't want this post to turn into a commercial for the Cosentinos, but the consensus opinion of the group is that it is a terrific new facility. About 40% of the 30,000 square foot store is dedicated to freshly prepared buffet items and salads of all types. There were hundreds of items to choose from including a full breakfast buffet of eggs, bacon and sausage, etc. and a baked goods department with scores of choices. There are two separate seating sections for customers who wish to eat on the premises. In addition to these restaurant facilities there is a full grocery store that is very complete and a comprehensive collection of wines. There is dedicated parking in the parking facility just to the north of the store. 137 spaces are reserved for customers and there are two entrances, one on Main Street and one on Walnut Street. Just get your ticket validated at any checkout station (of which there are four in different locations) for free parking.

This facility is a real boon to downtown Kansas City. It seems already on its way to success. As we were leaving about 10:30 a.m. there were at least 100 people eating and shopping and all the comments we heard were positive. It is certainly a success to this point. And it could, for the time being, turn into the "unofficial" Old St. Patrick parish hall for Sunday morning coffee and donuts.

In the photos above: #1 - Members of the Villotti family - Paul, Felicia, Maria and Theresa | #2 - Alan Troyer, Joseph Villotti, Robin Quastler and Don Deister. In the background of the first picture is some of the very attractively designed store and through the window of the second are portions of the new H & R Block building and the Missouri Repertory downtown theatre facility.

Christendom College will close so students can "March for Life"

Chartered buses will transport the entire student body, faculty and staff to the 2009 March for Life protest in Washington, D.C. The event will be January 22nd.
"The March is a critical part of the pro-life movement and has a tremendous impact on both the participants and the greater public,” President of Christendom College’s Students for Life Cyrus Artz said. “Christendom students and other attendees are given the opportunity to connect with other pro-lifers and realize that they are not alone in a hostile culture and frightening political environment. The nation at large is given a witness that America is not complacent about life, and that the youth of America are going to be fighting the battle for life until won."
The photo by Eric Martin shows some of the 400-500 thousand marchers in the 2008 event. Thanks to Catholic.org for this information.

Inventor of the birth control pill now regrets his work

Eighty five year old Carl Djerassi the Austrian chemist who helped invent the contraceptive pill now says that his co-creation has led to a "demographic catastrophe."

Djerassi outlined the "horror scenario" that has occurred because of the population imbalance, for which his invention was partly to blame. He said that in most of Europe there was now "no connection at all between sexuality and reproduction." He said: "This divide in Catholic Austria, a country which has on average 1.4 children per family, is now complete."

He described families who had decided against reproduction as "wanting to enjoy their schnitzels while leaving the rest of the world to get on with it."

40 years ago Pope Paul VI in his 1968 encyclical prophetically condemned artificial contraception forecasting  that the pill would result in dramatic decline in birth rates in Europe. His Holiness had it wrong in many decisions of his pontificate but he hit the nail on the head on this one. Most Roman Catholic churchmen of the time, as most Trads will recall, disparaged and disagreed with the Pope on his thinking as expressed in the encyclical. History is proving them wrong on this and many other things. (Photo credit - CathNews).

Just when there wasn't much to post...there's something very interesting to post

At New Liturgical Movement, Gregor Kollorgen reports on the distinct possibility that the Commission Ecclesia Dei may be merged into the Congregation for Divine Worship. If this comes to pass, the unmistakable signal is that the TLM has been moved right into the main stream of the liturgy of the Church and not some isolated off-shoot. This is a pretty extraordinary possibility for the Extraordinary Form. The article has the details on the "rumor". It sounds pretty reliable to us. The "reform of the reform" proceeds inexorably. 

Where is the new news???

We apologize to our readers...but there's just not much happening to report on related to the Oratory or traditional Catholicism...which is our primary focus.

We hope that you don't give up on us. Don't remove us from your "readers", don't forget to check in from time to time. No doubt there will be some good news...and bad news to be discussed in the near future and when it occurs we'll be right on top of it.

Special thanks for a special effort

Those who assist at Mass at the Oratory have probably noticed a small but very helpful service being produced by Canon Avis and his volunteer assistants. 

In addition to the weekly bulletin with its typical information, Canon Avis is preparing handouts when there is something special before, after or during Mass. For example, in the graphic to the right, a handout was prepared for the Feast of Circumcision. The handout included the text of the hymn "Veni Creator Spiritus". Having the handout allowed the congregation to follow along and join the singing if so disposed. The handout also included the proper of the Mass of the day.

These handouts are a very helpful tool for those at Mass. Just knowing what's going on during special prayers and litanies after Mass and for Benediction with special prayers, makes for a much more inclusive participation by the laity.

We know that these things take a lot of extra time and considerable extra work. We want to express our appreciation for this considerate new service for the congregation. 

This is a very nice change. Thanks to all who are involved in this.

High-schoolers working with...and learning from the Benedictine sisters

Young choir members at Pius X High School get a chance to observe and work with the Benedictine sisters in their high school community and attend the Investiture ceremony Tuesday morning at the Oratory. (This photo of the Saint Pius X girls outside the Oratory courtesy of a reader.)

Sandra Prothman
, Music Teacher and Liturgist at Pius X High School in Kansas City North says that her students are benefiting greatly from the exposure to and emulation of the sisters of the order of Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles whose convent is on the campus of the school.

Tuesday morning, the Feast of the Epiphany, a group of about 20 girls from the school had the opportunity to be excused from classes to attend the investiture of three postulants to the novitiate and one profession of first vows held at Old St. Patrick Oratory.

Bishop Robert Finn, Bishop of Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese was the celebrant of Mass in the Extraordinary Form and presided at the ceremonies that followed.

“My chorus members are very excited at working with the sisters,” said Mrs. Prothman. “Two of my choir groups have had the chance to sing with the sisters once a month at First Friday exposition, adoration and Benediction,” she said, “and they are learning to love and appreciate being exposed to the beauty of the traditional music of the Church and to the Latin language.”

At the monthly adoration which is held in the school chapel during lunchtime, students who attend are able to sing along with the sisters and learn some of the liturgy, such as traditional hymns like “O Salutaris Hostiaand Tantum Ergo”.

Mrs. Prothman said that “the girls were very excited at being invited by the sisters to attend the investiture and the principal of St. Pius X high school, Mr. Joe Monachino, was most supportive of allowing the girls to take time from their studies to attend at this “Girls Day Out With the Sisters.” A number of the girls’s mothers also attended.

Another Student/Sisters event will occur February 8th (Septuagesima Sunday) when boys and girls of the schools’s Mixed Chorus will join the Sisters of Mary, Queen of Apostles singing the High Mass at Old St. Patrick Oratory at 10:15 a.m. The students will join the sisters in chanting the Offertory and Communion proper. Hearing the sisters sing at Mass is always a looked-forward to event by members of the Oratory, and having the students learning and performing Gregorian Chant with them is an added blessing.

“My student's favorite hymn is ‘Dona Nobis Pacem,” said Mrs. Prothman. This is a hymn which is sung in rounds by three parts in the chorus. “The boys told me that on the bus to a school activity recently, the kids split into three groups and began singing the hymn on the bus.” What a wonderful story.

The implications here for the growth of the students in their Catholic faith and for the possibility of the nurturing of religious vocations cannot be ignored. The work of our Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles sisters is being felt in many corners of the diocese.

For more photographs of the investiture ceremony, KansasCatholic blog has a number of them.

Scenes from Old St. Patrick Oratory

We haven't recently put up any of the treasure trove of beautiful photographs of the Oratory Consecration and Rededication last October. We'll start posting more of these in the coming weeks and months. This photo is of incensing of the congregation. The liturgy invites the celebrant/deacon/server to show reverence to the people and bless us with a cloud of incense in our direction. To accept the honor, we stand and bow.

Our thanks to a reader who identified this young cleric as Evan Harkins, a seminarian of the Kansas City-St. Joseph diocese.  

Choir Members Needed

Choir members have asked us to post a notice that singers are needed for the Oratory choir and we're pleased to comply with the request.

If you love to sing...and especially if you have singing experience in a choral setting, your talent is needed in the choir loft at Old St. Patrick.  All parts: SATB are needed. The Oratory choir specializes in Gregorian Chant and traditional hymns of the Catholic Church, in addition to some of the more challenging harmonic and polyphonic music patrimony of the Church. We've heard it expressed by some that traditional Latin Mass music is comprised of "hits of the 16th century".  Those who love the Extraordinary Form enthusiastically agree with this assessment of the repertoire.

You do not have to be a member of the Oratory, just love to participate in singing challenging and beautiful sacred music on a weekly basis. The choir sings at High Mass most Sundays at 10:15 a.m. and on other special feasts of the Church liturgical year. Rehearsals are weekly on Wednesday evenings at the church.

Your talent will be appreciated. Please let Canon Avis know if you have an interest or you may contact the Oratory Choir Director, Patrick Watkins.

Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles investiture and profession ceremonies - 9:00 a.m. this Tuesday at Old St. Patrick Oratory

The photos above are a composite of the investiture of Sister Gemma Wilson. Sister Gemma's family were members of the Latin Mass community of Our Lady of Sorrows many years before they moved to another town. Sister Gemma was invested into the Order in November of 2005. The photo is to show some of the beautiful parts of the up-coming ceremony. The Lost Lambs blog also has a spread of photos of last year's investiture at Conception Abbey.

Holy Mass and Investiture Ceremony of three postulants and the profession of First Vows by one advancing novice will take approximately 2 1/2 hours, according to Mother Therese, Mother Prioress of the Order.

An investiture (sometimes called a"clothing ceremony") takes place after the period of postulancy. This ceremony will be held after Holy Mass and from beginning to end, an investiture ceremony is full of excitement! The sister's hair will be cut by the Most Reverend Bishop Finn, then she is clothed with the holy habit of the Order and receives a white novice veil. At the end of the ceremony, the sister receives a new name. The wedding dress worn by Sister Gemma (above) upon entrance to the church symbolizes the sister being a Bride of Christ and the cutting of her hair symbolizes (and is in fact a part of) renunciation of the world.

The Investiture ceremony marks the beginning of the new sisters' novitiate. During her novitiate, the novice will experience more fully her community life and will be formed in the spirit of the Order. Through prayer and daily living, the sisters will prepare themselves for their first holy profession of vows.

We will all keep the new sisters in our prayers during this new phase of their lives.

The new Oratory pipe organ is fully operational and sounding great!

The newly installed organ sounds majestic. Our congratulations and thanks to Msgr. Bradley Offutt, chancellor of the diocese who acquired this organ for us and to Temple Organs who reconstructed the instrument. Others have said that it has a "cathedral sound", and we concur.
Before Mass this morning, organist George Wisniewski accompanied congregational chanting of the "Veni Creator Spiritus". At the end of Mass, George pulled out the stops for a resounding recessional of Canon Avis and the servers from the sanctuary. Very impressive!

Kudos for new calendar from the Institute

The new 2009 Institute of Christ the King liturgical calendar was distributed to registered members of the Oratory this morning at Mass. It is much improved over previous versions...especially its new full size format which is much more practical for home use. The art of the calendar contains large photographs of Institute doings and scenery throughout the world. The Oratory re-dedication/consecration from October, 2008 is featured opposite the November, 2009 calendar page. The pictures of Bishop Finn in the re-dedication ceremony are very special to Oratory members and visitors. 

Although the calendar is not listed for sale on the Institute website at this time, we expect that it will be soon. Click here for the Institute website store to check from time to time if you are interested in purchasing a calendar.

Members and visitors to the Oratory may purchase extra calendars for a suggested donation of $5.00. See Canon Avis.