Beautiful Corpus Christi Procession from Old St. Patrick

The Oratory was beautiful and Canon Avis had the altar brightly embellished with 30 majestic candles and attractive flower arrangements. We believe that it made a very good impression on the many first-time visitors to the Oratory. Overheard were numerous compliments on the beauty of the church.
Bishop Finn and Archbishop Naumann enter the Oratory in procession with other priests, deacons, and seminarians.
Processing past the newly completed headquarters of the J. E. Dunn Construction Company, reminded us to renew our gratitude for the company's generous gift to the Oratory during its reconstruction.
Is this scene below a contradiction???!!!. We thought there was to be separation between Church and State. Briefly, anyway, they seemed very close.
Some of the 500 or so faithful in procession from parishes across both dioceses - Kansas and Missouri sides of the state line.
Archbishop Naumann recites prayers of the ceremony in the brief blessing given at the half-way point on the north end of the very attractive municipal Ilus Davis park.
After the blessing Bishop Finn continued the procession by assuming the carrying of the Blessed Sacrament.
Some of the faithful re-entering the Oratory for final Benediction.

It was a beautiful day and a holy and solemn continuation of a timeless Catholic show of adoration for the True Presence in the Holy Eucharist.

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