On the way to Florida

As many of you know, Robin and I are moving to Florida. Robin has had the wonderful fortune to be offered the position of teaching 1st grade at Ave Maria University's preparatory school, Donahue Academy. It is her "dream job". And as much as we love Kansas City and Old St. Patrick, it was an offer that we couldn't refuse.

It happened very quickly and unexpectedly. She has now been 'on the job' for three weeks and I will be joining her this coming week...after getting many things settled in Kansas City. Robin loves it! After years teaching in a public school atmosphere, this assignment is a blessing for her and for us. The school is ideal in philosophy and reality. The children and the families are as good as you could possibly imagine. And the beautiful new town of Ave Maria, Florida is a blessing in all respects. Plus, the Gulf of Mexico is just a half-hour drive! No oil on Naples, FL pristine beaches.

Here are a few pictures: 1) the first is a photo of the school; 2) the second is a photo of the condominium building in which we will be living; and 3) the third is our view from the apartment at night toward the magnificent Ave Maria Oratory just across the street from where we live.

We hope to continue blogging from time to time about Old St. Patrick Oratory doings. But we must rely on folks sending us the news. We will return from time to time to Kansas City and will spend next summer here in our home.

This is a standing invitation to any who might visit S.W. Florida and would like a tour of Ave Maria Town and University. As soon as we get some furniture, we may have a spare room available too. God bless all OSP members and those who read this weblog. A.M.D.G.

P.S. We want to express greetings from Virginia and Patrick Hanley who are neighbors at Ave Maria. The Hanley's were members of the Latin Mass Community at Our Lady of Sorrows in Kansas City for a number of years, leaving to move to Delaware and eventually to Ave Maria. They have been very kind and helpful to us in getting settled.

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