It was a great run!

We're sorry to let the visitors to this blog know that we must bring it to an end. The blog has been a worthwhile effort to document the transition of the Our Lady of Sorrows Latin Mass community to Old St. Patrick Oratory and the $1.5 million dollar renovation of the historic church. This blog contains pictures, stories and tidbits from throughout the years of work. We have so much to be thankful for...mostly to Bishop Robert Finn for believing in our community and his commitment to the continuation of the traditional Mass of the ages in this diocese. God bless him!

Our intention is to leave the blog up for those who are interested in reviewing this documentation of the history of the Old St. Patrick Oratory community. Thanks to the thousands of people who have visited here. God bless you!

You can still comment if you wish and we'll publish appropriate comments as they appear.

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