Kansas City Latin Mass devotee, Jack Cashill, has produced a documentary on the "March for Life"

Entitled, "Thine Eyes", it will be showing in movie theaters throughout the country. Look for it in Kansas City soon. You can purchase a DVD copy through the Thine Eyes organization. 

Old St. Patrick parishioner, John Heuretz, has written a review of the film appearing in this week's Wanderer. He also has written a review that will appear in The Catholic Key. The YouTube below is a promo for the film showing the scope and huge crowd that gathered in Washington.

Here is what our beloved bishop, Robert Finn had to say about the film...
"Thine Eyes is politically conscious without being partisan. It is factual without being preachy. It is sobering but very joyful. I would like all Catholic adults to see Thine Eyes; but it is also perfectly appropriate for high school or even middle school students. It tells a simple but profound story which has been largely pushed to the side by the commercial press: how hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children make a challenging spiritual pilgrimage to our nation’s capitol - year after year - out of love for human life, and come back home more committed than ever to change our country. Prayerfully watch Thine Eyes. Find a way to support this movement, and join the great March for life."
For more on Jack Cashill and his numerous books and videos, click here.

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