Support needed for a wonderful Catholic Church music service

RECOMMENDED. For those who love the traditional choral music of the Church, you must try Choral Treasures. This is an online music site which you can link to and have beautiful choral music, and Gregorian Chant playing continuously on your computer as you work. It is very simple. Just go to and click the "Listen to Choral Treasure" link. A simple audio player will open and begin automatically. It also shows the repertoire that is playing. Wonderful choral and choir groups are featured. 

This is a non-profit operation run by volunteers. They survive by donations from those who appreciate the service. There is a link to make a contribution through PayPal (using a PayPal account or your credit card). Help is particularly need now as the royalty payments and bandwidth time that the service must pay runs $500-$600 a month and their bank account is very low.

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