Patrick Barvick to be ordained as a Deacon May 22nd

Patrick Barvick, son of Old Saint Patrick members Anna Marie and Gary Barvick will be ordained a Deacon of the Church on May 22nd.

The ordination will be held in the Cathedral of the Risen Christ in Lincoln, Nebraska. Patrick has been a seminarian in the diocese since 2001.

His service as a Deacon will last one year, after which Patrick will be ordained a priest of the Lincoln, Nebraska diocese.

Patrick began his service in the sanctuary when he was seven years old as a server for the Latin Mass at Our Lady of Sorrows parish. He continued as an altar boy until he graduated from high school when he was 18 years old.

As our former Latin Mass chaplain, Father Francis Kriski has said many times, the most efficacious training for the priesthood is altar boy service. 

Our congratulations go to Patrick and to his parents and brothers and sisters at this very exciting time.

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