Special thanks for a special effort

Those who assist at Mass at the Oratory have probably noticed a small but very helpful service being produced by Canon Avis and his volunteer assistants. 

In addition to the weekly bulletin with its typical information, Canon Avis is preparing handouts when there is something special before, after or during Mass. For example, in the graphic to the right, a handout was prepared for the Feast of Circumcision. The handout included the text of the hymn "Veni Creator Spiritus". Having the handout allowed the congregation to follow along and join the singing if so disposed. The handout also included the proper of the Mass of the day.

These handouts are a very helpful tool for those at Mass. Just knowing what's going on during special prayers and litanies after Mass and for Benediction with special prayers, makes for a much more inclusive participation by the laity.

We know that these things take a lot of extra time and considerable extra work. We want to express our appreciation for this considerate new service for the congregation. 

This is a very nice change. Thanks to all who are involved in this.

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