Impromptu "Coffee & Donuts" at Consentino's Market

Curious about the new Cosentino's Market that opened just last Tuesday in downtown Kansas City (13th & Main streets), a small group of OSP members gathered there for coffee, pastries and conversation after 8:00 a.m. Mass.

We don't want this post to turn into a commercial for the Cosentinos, but the consensus opinion of the group is that it is a terrific new facility. About 40% of the 30,000 square foot store is dedicated to freshly prepared buffet items and salads of all types. There were hundreds of items to choose from including a full breakfast buffet of eggs, bacon and sausage, etc. and a baked goods department with scores of choices. There are two separate seating sections for customers who wish to eat on the premises. In addition to these restaurant facilities there is a full grocery store that is very complete and a comprehensive collection of wines. There is dedicated parking in the parking facility just to the north of the store. 137 spaces are reserved for customers and there are two entrances, one on Main Street and one on Walnut Street. Just get your ticket validated at any checkout station (of which there are four in different locations) for free parking.

This facility is a real boon to downtown Kansas City. It seems already on its way to success. As we were leaving about 10:30 a.m. there were at least 100 people eating and shopping and all the comments we heard were positive. It is certainly a success to this point. And it could, for the time being, turn into the "unofficial" Old St. Patrick parish hall for Sunday morning coffee and donuts.

In the photos above: #1 - Members of the Villotti family - Paul, Felicia, Maria and Theresa | #2 - Alan Troyer, Joseph Villotti, Robin Quastler and Don Deister. In the background of the first picture is some of the very attractively designed store and through the window of the second are portions of the new H & R Block building and the Missouri Repertory downtown theatre facility.

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