Vote for your favorite renovation photograph

A committee has selected semi-finalists. But you get to make the final choice. Please pick your favorite from these five photos in the poll space in the column just to the right:

#1 - The discovery of the crypt of Father James Dunn, Old St. Patrick's second pastor (d. 1888). It was found under the sanctuary steps. Father Dunn's remains had been re-interred to Mt. St. Mary Cemetery in the late 1920s.
#2 - Hundreds of wheelbarrow loads. Volunteers mixed, pushed and pulled tons of concrete during the renovation for floor joist supports and for under-foundation platforms for the hugely heavy main and side altars.
#3 - Father Denis Buchholz and friends inspecting the progress at the Oratory during renovation.
#4 - Hard, hot labor. Tunnels in the Oratory had to be excavated by hand to accommodate the new HVAC ducts. The dirt was dug and dragged out by carts pulled out by rope. Remember, "The Great Escape" film? That's what it was like. There were many heroes and heroines from our membership.
#5 - Go in peace. That's what the stained glass says as a volunteer carted one of thousands of loads of debris from the 130+ year old church.
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