After Mass Bake Sale was well received

The purpose of the Easter Morning Bake Sale was to raise some money for purchasing new cassocks and surplices in the new Institute of Christ the King style for our altar servers. Judging from the two glass containers on the bake sale tables that seemed packed with cash, the sale was effective. It was also a lot of fun.

The items on the sale tables appeared to be mostly home baked and some were especially creative including this tray of cookies which were baked in the shape of crosses and decorated with Easter-color icings of little flowers. Purchased by this member, we can attest to the taste also. They were delicious. We're eating a few and are taking the remainder to our elderly parents who are house-bound. They'll love them. Our special thanks to the person who baked these cookies. They are a very special Easter treat!!! And thanks to all of those who participated in this fund-raiser...bakers and buyers both!

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