Naughty Boys

Reader David Remley sent in this story from OSP's colorful past. We know that no Old St. Patrick young fellow would be engaged in such rough activity these days. This article from the paper - Kansas City Journal from April 5, 1909 will no doubt tickle your funny bone and possibly cause you to keep closer tabs on your kids.

Boys Who Gambled There Over Priest's Protest
Caught by Police.

Disregarding the admonitions of a priest, a crowd of boys between the ages of 12 and 18 years are congregating in the yard of St. Patrick's Catholic church, Eighth and Cherry streets, Sunday afternoons and shooting craps. Neighbors were disturbed by the riotous boys' loud talking to the dice.

While fourteen were indulging in a big game yesterday afternoon four policemen scaled the fence and suddenly dropped into the midst of the "gang." A wild scramble to escape followed by the "bluecoats" corralled all of them and the boys enjoyed a free ride to the police station where they were charged with gambling.

Parents of the youngsters began arriving a few minutes after the culprits had landed behind the bars. Each parent insisted that his boys were not "shooting craps" but the police demanded the $5 appearance bond nevertheless.

Photo: courtesy of the New York City museum (circa 1900). Not our boys, but no doubt it gives a clear concept of what the gathering might have looked like.

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