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The liberals are hard at work trying to cover for Fr. Jenkins and have apparently convinced CraigsList to remove the satirical post about Notre Dame's search for someone (anyone) to agree to take the "Laetare" Award. Here's the content of the ad...

Laetare Recipient Wanted (Notre Dame, IN)

Reply to:
Date: 2009-04-28, 9:24AM EDT

URGENT!!! Laetare Award recipient needed ASAP!!! Christian preferred, agnostic case-by-case. If interested call Fr. John at 574-631-5000 by May 17th.

Location: Notre Dame, IN
Compensation: no pay
PostingID: 1143896969
We tried replying to the post with a "huzzaah!", but got this message: "Sorry, but the craigslist user address you recently mailed ( does not seem to be valid. It could be you're trying to respond to a very old posting, or that the user has not requested anonymous email forwarding. Please check the address and try again."
Glad we were able to preserve a copy of this excruciatingly to-the-point satire.

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