Holy Thursday at the Oratory

The pews were mostly full. And a beautiful High Mass was sung by a small but disciplined choir. The choir did a particularly fine job singing Psalm 21 during the distribution at Communion. The Holy Thursday liturgy was concluded with a solemn procession transferring the Holy Eucharist from the main altar to the altar of repose to spend the night and through today's "Mass of the Presanctified".
After the procession, the Holy Eucharist was reposed in the tabernacle at the Epistle side altar.

The ceremony of stripping the main altar and the south side altar was conducted with great dignity by the servers, and as this work was being done, the singing of Psalm 21 was repeated in a "recto tono" form. It was very moving. The altar of repose was beautifully decorated with stair-stepped candles, flowers and gold fabric filling the spaces.
The church was to be open for adoration until Midnight. Those who had to get home, found themselves running through a small downpour. 

Stations of the Cross will be today (Friday) at 12:00 Noon. And Mass of the Presanctified will be at 6:30 p.m. this evening.

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