Attendance at Mass last Sunday was excellent

There was a lot going on Sunday. First of all, Father Avis began his service at the Oratory. There were many new faces in the congregation, some no doubt interested in meeting our new priest. Then, after Mass, there was a special observation of the Nativity of the Blessed Mother and the presentation of a gift to Therese Balke in recognition for all her volunteer service over the years. Lynne Melcher, parishioner, gave a moving presentation of all the volunteer work that Therese has done over the last fifteen years. Therese was presented with a statue of St. Joseph from the community in recognition for all her good and unselfish work.

But, most interesting were those people at Mass who formally had been regulars at OSP but who had stopped coming for one reason or another. It was so nice to renew old acquaintances these former steadfast parishioners. We were very pleased to see them back hopefully to continue on a regular basis. Things are looking up for OSP!!!

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