For Full Participation in Holy Mass in the Extraordinary form

The Holy Father, Pius XII said, "Place the Missal in the hands of the faithful so that they may take part more easily and more fruitfully in the Mass; and that the faithful, united with the priest, may pray together in the very words and sentiments of the Church." 

If you are in the market for a new Latin Mass missal, there are three editions, at wholesale prices, to choose from on display in the vestibule of the church both before and after Mass each Sunday.
There are three excellent selections:
  1. ...St. Joseph Daily Missal - Discounted price - $28.00
  2. ...St. Andrew Daily Missal - Discounted price - $38.00
  3. ...The new 1962 Latin Mass Daily Missal - Discounted price - $42.00
You will find that these prices are considerably below available on-line and bookstore prices. This is a service of the community to encourage the use of the missal for a more complete experience at Mass.

SPECIAL NOTICE: If you attend Mass at Old St. Patrick Oratory and would like to have a missal and aren't able to make a purchase at this time, an Oratory parishioner has available a limited number of new missals (St. Andrew) that you can purchase for a price that you feel that you can afford. Email contact.

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