Don Deister working until late in the afternoon

Stopping by the Oratory this evening, wouldn't you know that one would find Don Deister working alone and working hard practically near dusk.

Don has been the spark-plug of our renovation project since our dear Bishop Finn in 2005 announced that Old St. Patrick Oratory would be turned over to the Latin Mass Community at Our Lady of Sorrows.

Don has brought his 50+ years of construction and contracting expertise to the Oratory by being the point man and indispensable advisor to the Institute of Christ the King.

Don and, of course, our hero Msgr. Bradley Offutt, Chancellor of the diocese and Bishops Finn's specially appointed overseer of the renovation effort, have assured that the renovation proceeded with professionalism.

Don has done much exploration, planning and recruitment of competent volunteer assistance, plus he's kept the contracted vendors on task and working at top speed and at reasonable prices throughout the three years of construction and remodeling. Our community owes Don a virtually unpayable debt of gratitude. If you see Don after Holy Mass, please give him a pat on the back. 

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