Father Z. coming to Kansas City for the rededication

Father John Zuhlsdorf, affectionately known as "the pastor of the internet" and champion of the Traditional Latin Mass, has announced on his well-read blog that he will be traveling to Kansas city for the re-dedication of Old St. patrick Oratory.

You don't get millions of visitors to your various web sites and on-line forums unless you know what you're talking about and that you write brilliantly and succinctly about the issues facing the Catholic church today. Father "Z" has a huge following of Traditional Catholics. When he has occasionally mentioned the renovation program at the Oratory over the last couple of years, the Oratory has gone crazy with referrals totaling up to 25,000 visitors each time to view the pictures of the restoration on the site. Father Z has made OSP famous.

Father lives in Rome and visits the United states occasionally. It will be great to have the opportunity meet him in person. Father Z. primary blog address is: http://www.wdtprs.com/blog

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