Update from the building committee

Things are beginning to move swiftly again...no doubt with much urging and pressure by architect, Bill Heyer on the suppliers and vendors who seemed to be dragging their feet over the last month or so. 

Here's what's happening now and a tentative timeline of activities:
  • Installation of the flooring is almost complete. The main floor of the nave is complete and the steps, sanctuary, parish office are yet to be finished at the time of this posting. Sanding of the newly installed flooring is proceeding as we read.
  • Sept. 22-Sept 27 - A thorough cleaning of the church from all construction debris, dust and the like will take place. It is estimated that this will take nearly a full week.
  • Sept. 29-Oct 3 - Application of the flooring stain and then a 2-3 day drying period after which a sealing oil will be spread on the surface. A full week of drying/curing must occur after the oil is applied. The Oratory cannot be entered during this period.
  • October 13 - pews will be installed
  • October 14 - The installation of the Stations of the Cross begins
  • October 15 - The assembly and installation of the vestible area glass wall commences
From the 15th through the 25th, the final touches to the decoration and finish of the church will be completed. It is estimated that everything will be in readiness for the rededication ceremonies and Pontifical High Mass except for the installation of the pipe organ. A substitute organ will be used for a couple of months until the work on the organ is complete....approximately late December or January.

The building committee reports that the church will seat 398 persons, not including seating in the choir loft or standing room.

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