Here's an interesting piece of OSP history we didn't know

According to an article in the August 17, 1907 Kansas City Journal, the parish school of Old St. Patrick, which was located at 8th and McGee, was the site of the first preparatory seminary in the diocese. This minor seminary was located in rooms over the school.

In the article, the bishop of the time, the Most Reverend John J. Hogan put out an appeal for young boys to consider a vocation and attend the school. At the time, there were only a half-dozen priests in the diocese.

The news article read..."A preparatory school for the education of priests was established two years ago, called the St. John's school, and it is quartered at present in rooms over the St. Patrick's parochial school building at Eighth and McGee streets. Last spring fifteen young men graduated there and they are now attending higher seminaries in St. Louis, Cincinnati, Allegheny and St. Paul. In his letter the bishop urges all parish priests in the diocese to send all boys whom they think wish to enter the priesthood to this school, which is planned to accommodate enough students to supply the number of priests that the diocese needs. The desire of the bishop is that every parish should be represented by one student, at least.

"The course in the school embraces five years of classics and two of philosophy. The four years of theology must be gotten in a higher seminary. A priest is not ordained before he is 24 years old except by dispensation. As soon as the Christian Brothers build their new school, in the South Side, the building now occupied by them next to the cathedral will be given up to the seminary."

This is just another fascinating story from the history books about our parish church.

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