Catholic Key blog offers a sneak-peak at the emerging vision for the diocesan Catholic schools

The emphasis in the up-coming strategic plan for our schools is that they be "distinctly Catholic". Everything that we have learned of Bishop Finn in the last four years leads us to firmly believe that he is energizing a transformation of our diocesan schools from academically-sound "private schools" to academically-sound "thoroughly CATHOLIC private schools". This is clear in the detail that is revealed in this post on the Catholic Key blog. We believe that you will be very favorably impressed with this work in progress. We are grateful to Jack Smith, Editor of the Catholic Key for providing this information. The Catholic Key blog is wonderful resource.

How do OSP homeschooling families perceive these developments initiated by our beloved Bishop? Do you have any comments on how this vision might affect you or the future of homeschooling? Leave a comment in the "com box" if you're of a mind?

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