Exit polls show the extent of Catholic defiance...

We hope you read in its entirety Bishop Finn's homily preceding this post where he told us in no uncertain terms that we cannot as Catholics, in any way, support politicians who condone and promote intrinsic evil.

But, we fear that majority of Catholics ignored and defied the universal teaching authority of the Church. We read that anywhere from 47% to 54% (depending on the source) of Catholics who were interviewed in exit polls said that they voted for Barack Obama. We are convinced that this is not through ignorance but through defiance.

God only knows the consequences of this. But it is certainly clear that if you are Catholic you must obey the teaching of the Church, or you clearly are NOT Catholic...and must be something else. In Bishop Finn's words..."woe to those, particularly Catholics, who dare to try to convince us that their “choice” of a radically pro-abortion leader is within the parameters of conscience". Look up the meaning of "woe", not a commonly used word these days. It means: "suffering: misery resulting from affliction". 

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Anonymous said...

The election is over and many Catholics voted pro-abortion.

Instead of continuing to be upset, we need to look forward to what can be done. In CA they voted not to allow same sex marriages - a victory there. And a big surprise as well, being it was CA and all.

So - what must be done to change abortion laws? How can we get late term murder stopped? How can we get something done? Parental notification of minors getting abortions needs to be done. These little victories - IMHO - are steps to change minds/hearts. Then it may be possible to back it all the way to none.

As far as Catholics (true and in name only) the Church I am sure will continue to speak for all life. Assisted suicide is now ok in Oregon....life from unborn to sick/elderly/imprisoned all needs the Church's protection. And our attention.