The Holy Father blesses the cornerstone for the new Thomas Aquinas College chapel

This is a really nifty story. As you probably know, Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, CA is building a beautiful new chapel on the campus. It will be dedicated in early March 2009.

The college requested the Holy Father, Benedict XVI to bless the cornerstone and he agreed. The only hurdle was getting the 765 pound stone to Rome for the blessing ceremony.

Through a variety of volunteers and very helpful sources the task was completed and a short time ago the blessing occured. Many dignitaries were in attendance, including Archbishop Raymond Burke, Prefect, Apostolic Signatura, who said, "Thomas Aquinas College has always been thoroughly Catholic in its identity...For the college to bring the cornerstone of its new church to Rome and have it blessed on the site of the basilica built over the tomb of St. Peter by his successor, Pope Benedict XVI, is a wonderful symbol of the fidelity of Thomas Aquinas College to the Catholic Church."

Thomas Aquinas College has been the academic home to many Old St. Patrick Oratory families over the years and there is an abundance of affection for the College among our members.

Our thanks to the TAC Fall Newsletter for the details of the blessing ceremony and for the use of the photo.

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