The new Oratory pipe organ is delivered ahead of schedule!!!

To our surprise, as Mass let out this morning, our vendor supplying the restoration and installation of the pipe organ that we acquired in Boston, Mass. was getting the organ parts ready to start loading into the choir loft. This is quite a bit ahead of the previously estimated schedule.

David Cool, owner of Temple Organs of St. Joseph, Missouri is shown with crates containing some of the 1,500 pipes of the organ. Out of sight, in a big truck there were many more pipes to go. The loading into the church will be this weekend and the assembly will begin next week. David estimates that it will take several weeks to finish the massive job of assembly, tuning and testing. He tells us that the organ has been fully assembled and tested in Temple's plant and that the mechanics of this old organ are good and sound is "magnificent". 

Next week, we'll post some of the "in-process" pictures and get some more information about the organ, its structure, capabilities and its provenance.

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