Historic bishop's throne utilized in consecration ceremonies

When the Latin Mass community took over the Oratory, we discovered in the virtually un-used choir loft the beautiful episcopal throne that originally had been used by Bishop Thomas A. Lillis, one of the Diocese of Kansas City's historic figures. The throne was removed from the church several years ago and stored in the diocesan archives offices at the chancery. (Bishop Finn is shown seated on the throne during the Pontifical High Mass last Saturday)

The throne had been previously at the Oratory mostly because of Bishop Lillis' connection with Old St. Patrick.

Father Lillis was ordained in 1885 and succeeded Father James Dunn as pastor of St. Patrick in 1888 upon Fathers Dunn's death. He served the parish as pastor for 16 years and was also in service as Vicar General of the diocese until 1904 when he was appointed as Bishop of Leavenworth, Kansas. Bishop Lillis stayed in Leavenworth until 1910 when he was appointed to serve as Co-adjutor Bishop of Kansas City and ultimately succeeded Bishop John J. Hogan upon his death in 1913. Bishop Lillis served 25 years as Bishop of Kansas City until his death in 1938.

The Institute of Christ the King, to honor this history placed Bishop Lillis' throne in the sanctuary for the consecration ceremonies. It remains in place now. But, whether it will stay has not been announced. But, it seems to us very appropriate to have this episcopal throne remain at the Oratory for the use of our pastor, Bishop Finn, when he visits which we hope will be frequently.

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Jack in KC said...

Sorry, but the throne has to go back to the archives.
Too bad, although I do see Father's point that it takes up quite a bit of space.
On the question of space, I was more disappointed in the decision that a pulpit used up too much space.
I am a big fan of pulpits; they were casualties along with communion rails.
Jack in KC