For the second time within a week the East Village redevelopment area is in the news

Earlier this week we reported some negative news about progress in our neighborhood redevelopment area, the "East Village". This morning the news is good! The Kansas City STAR is reporting that the City of Kansas City has settled the purchase of the derelict former Greyhound bus terminal just south of the church at 11th and Holmes. 

The city is hoping that the Federal government will select the site for the new General Services Administration (GSA) regional office. This would be an excellent addition to the neighborhood with about 1,200 additional workers in the area. The immediate plan is to demolish the building, a good move all by itself as the long-vacant building is a magnet for vagrants and other poor homeless people. So, maybe things are moving ahead in a positive way. (Photo credit: Kansas City STAR/Kevin Collison)

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