An quiet Kansas City website provides many referrals to Latin Mass blogs and sites in this area

People looking for Latin Mass in the Kansas City Metro area usually "google" for information. What frequently turns up near the top of the listings is

This simple site gives a little basic info about churches offering Latin Mass, and provides a link to those church's websites or blogs. And, the traffic is pretty good. provides a whopping 35% of non-search engine referrals to this blog in a typical month. And, we hear through the grapevine that the FSSP community in the KCKansas diocese gets a goodly number of its non-search engine referrals from the site.

In our opinion, since the Holy Father's motu proprio a year and a half ago, the interaction between websites and bloggers supportive of the TLM has played a significant part of the growth in attendance and interest in exploring the Extraordinary Form. So, many thanks to all who link to our blog and send readers our way.

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