Chapel Veils again under discussion by bloggers

Saint Louis Catholic did a lengthly post about the subject this morning in which the blog concluded that chapel veils are required by Church law. Our  blog also discussed this matter in early October. After much research we concluded that while the practice is much to be desired especially within the culture of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, it is not required by the Church since the issuance of the new Code of Canon Law in 1983.

Does anyone know of a written opinion of this practice by the Institute of Christ the King in which its takes a position on this subject? Our thanks to Catholic Knight for the use of the photograph.

Update (12/09/2008): On the Vatican website, the Code of 1983 abrogated the Code of 1917. Abrograted means: "repealed, annulled, cancelled, abolished by authority". Can. 6 § 1 says:
'When this Code takes force, the following are abrogated:

1/ the Code of Canon Law promulgated in 1917;

2/ other universal or particular laws contrary to the prescripts of this Code unless other provision is expressly made for particular laws;

3/ any universal or particular penal laws whatsoever issued by the Apostolic See unless they are contained in this Code;

4/ other universal disciplinary laws regarding matter which this Code completely reorders."
Sounds pretty clear...the Code of 1917, which required the wearing of head-gear by women, worthy as it was, was cancelled.

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