A little vindication on critique of Vatican music

Last Friday we expressed  a little disappointment in the quality of the music at the Midnight Mass in St. Peter's Basilica broadcast on EWTN and various news channels. Even while writing, we hesitantly paused before pushing the "publish" button, as we felt that perhaps we were being unfairly critical. Scroll down a little to find this post to read our opinion at the time. Well, perhaps our opinion and our speculation about what changes might be coming from the Holy Father might not have been too far off the mark.

In one of today's posts from New Liturgical Movement, we see an article that pretty much parallels our modest thoughts on how mediocre the music in the Vatican seems to be. The article speculates that big changes are about to occur in the direction and performance of the Vatican Basilica singing...all for the good and toward more quality in the Gregorian Chant and sacred polyphony. The changes predicted in the post will be very welcome and are expected around Lent of 2009.

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