Midnight Mass at the Vatican

Did you get the opportunity to watch any of the Midnight Mass from St. Peters on EWTN or other cable news? The pageantry and beauty of the basilica was overwhelming. But, the most interesting development was almost complete utilization of Latin in the Mass of the Ordinary Form. What a change!

The Holy Father continues his 'reform of the reform' in the liturgy. We wouldn't be surprised to see the Mass next year entirely in the Extraordinary Form. The only disappointment was the quality of the music. Even with all the resources available to the Vatican, the Gregorian Chant was unfortunate. The use of congregational singing rather than the use of choirs and scholas of advanced ability is distracting to the listener rather than adding to the beauty and reverence of the Mass. Of course the Holy Father understands this and we suspect that compromise in this decision was just another liturgical 'baby step' toward a more important goal. The Pope is making great progress on many fronts! (Our thanks to USAToday for the use of the photograph).

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