Here's a great idea for OSP promotion

In 1997 a group of enterprising Old St. Patrick parishioners got together and built a float for the St. Patrick day parade. The float, shown to the left was a replica of the front facade of the church.

What a wonderful idea, and what a terrific job these great people did!

Wouldn't it be fun to do something like this for the 2009 parade. What about it, all you Irishmen and Irishwomen of the parish and non-Irish, of course? Could we get something like this going? It would be a great way for all members of the Oratory to work together on a project and a great promotional effort to let the tens of thousands who line the parade route on the big day know about the new Old St. Patrick Oratory.

We guess the first place to start is with Father Avis to see what he thinks about the idea. Who'd like to take charge of this? We can think of many in the membership who would be great at organizing and building a float for the parade.

If you have suggestions on how to get started (there's not much time left), leave a comment or send an email about your interest. Let's go! God bless old St. Patrick!!

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