"The Bells of St. (Patrick), ah hear they are calling..."

Parishioners arriving for 8:000 a.m. Mass this morning were greeted for the first time since the Oratory reopened with the ringing of the big bell in the north bell tower. At the 10:15 a.m. Mass the bells rang prior to Mass and also during the Consecration.

In the book "This Far By Faith" by Father Michael Coleman, archivist of the Kansas City-St. Joseph diocese it says, "in September 1962 there was a fire (at Old St. Patrick) in the vestibule and balcony area. To control the fire, firemen had to break out six of the original stained glass windows, as well as the windows in the bell towers. The glass now in these windows was installed after this fire. The bells from the bell tower were sent to St. John Seminary in the 1950s. Only one bell remains, a bell which was cracked and welded. When it rings, it is said to sound 'strange'".

Not in our opinion. It sounded great hearing the big bell calling all to Mass...just like they did 133 years ago.

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