Holy Father concentrates on the subject of "fasting" in his yearly Lenten message

Noting that Lenten discipline is "an itinerary of more intense spiritual training" traditionally based upon prayer, fasting, and alms giving, the Holy Father dedicates this year's message to fasting, remarking that the practice "seems to have lost something of its spiritual meaning" in our time.

Both the Bible (Old and New Testaments) and the unbroken tradition of Christian living testify that fasting is "a great help to avoid sin and all that leads to it," the Pope says. He calls attention to the great Christian teachers like St. Augustine who saw fasting as a means of restoring spiritual balance to a soul stained by sin. "Since all of us are weighed down by sin and its consequences," the Pope explains, "fasting is proposed to us as an instrument to restore friendship with God."

Then there are the non-spiritual advantages also. So, our plan is to obstruct access to the fridge this year. Perhaps we'll reduce the waistline along with reduced propensity for sin.

The full story of this message along with more about the fruits of giving to the poor and hungry during Lent, can be accessed here at Catholic Culture.

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