Bishop Finn jokes about losing seminarians

In the Catholic Key blog a couple of days ago we had to chuckle a little at Bishop Finn's wry comments during his remarks at the S.O.S. Dinner (Save Our Seminarians), about the recent loss of seminarians and the prospect of losing more in the near future.
“In June we lost Doug Langner,” Bishop Finn said, “to priestly ordination. And in December we lost Angelo Bartulica to ordination.

“As God is good, we look forward to losing another two seminarians in May,” Bishop Finn said. “And the following year, if all goes according top the plan that we would pray for and hope, we’re going to lose another four seminarians to priesthood.”
So, the press is on to replace these good men and keep intact Bishop Finn's great record over the last four years of recruiting and developing persistence in his young seminarians. Our prayers are with his effort.

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