Canon Avis this morning announced a campaign at the Oratory to collect offerings for a Spiritual Bouquet for the Holy Father. Offers will be collected at the Oratory and forwarded to Rome in aggregate with those of other ICRSP apostolates around the world.

The text of the gift is: Dear Holy Father. As a token of my love and devotion to Holy Mother Church and of my filial obedience and steadfast support for Your Holiness as Shepherd of the Universal Church, please accept this spiritual bouquet:

____Mass and Holy Commnion
____Holy Hour of Eucharistic Adoration
____Stations of the Cross
____Holy Rosary
____Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
____Novena to the Infant Jesus
____Novena to Our Blessed Mother
____Novena to St. Joseph

Desiring to offer your Holiness our deepest gratitude for your spiritual paternity, we pray that God may continue to grant to Your Holiness the spiritual wisdom and strength to guide the Barque of Peter through the difficult waters of our times.

We remain,

Yours in Christ the King

You may print this page of the blog and send to Canon Avis at: 2997 Oak Street, Apt #104, Kansas City, Missouri 64108. Or you may copy and paste your offerings into an email and forward to Canon Avis at this link. Or, you may make your offering to the bouquet online at the Institute web site. Click here. This probably the most efficient way to participate.

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