"Rome of the West" posts some excellent suggestions for priestly organizations with a relatively short history

If there are any members or leaders of ecclesial organizations reading this blog, here's some solid advice for you:

by Mark Scott Abeln
  • Venerate your founder only after he is long dead and canonized. 
  • Choose a rule for your order that is ancient, tried, and tested, like the Rules of Augustine and Benedict. Most experiments end in failure. 
  • Court the wealthy as little as necessary. The sick and poor are the wealth of the Church. 
  • If you have to convince someone that he has a vocation to your religious order, then he does not have a vocation to your religious order. 
  • Whatever is asked of a member of an order goes at least double for the leader of the order. 
  • The purpose of an order is either the personal sanctity of its members or the service to others though charity. Period. Growth and influence are not valid ends for an order. 
  • Being able to accept criticism is a mark of humility.

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