SSPX Bishop Williamson seems to be in even bigger trouble

Bishop Willliamson, who'll you'll recall some days ago created a firestorm of criticism with his comments about Jews and the Holocaust. In the aftermath, the SSPX has renounced his statements and the incident seriously embarrassed the Holy Father after his announcement of the remission of the excommunication of the SSPX bishops.

Now events across the world are accelerating in opposition to Bishop Williamson:

1) Argentina is ready to expel Willliamson.

The most respected Argentinian daily, La Nación, reports: 
The Interior Minister [of the Argentine Republic], Florencio Randazzo, announced that the National Migrations Agency "warned Richard Nelson Williamson to abandon the country within a peremptory ten-day period, under pain of having his expulsion decreed". The order and the respective threat of expulsion are based on a technicality: the Agency affirms that Williamson has "misinformed" the true reason for his presence in Argentina, since he declares to be "an administrative employee" of the Civil Association "La Tradición", when "in fact his true activity was that of priest and director of the Lefebvrist Seminary that the Fraternity of Saint Pius X has in the city of Moreno". 
2) And now, an international arrest warrant for Bishop Williamson is possible:
A case is to be brought in the next few days in the French courts by the International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism (Licra)

This falls under the jurisdiction of the French authorities , said Licra lawyer Alain Jakubowicz to the daily newspaper "Le Figaro", as the testimony of Williamson was available throughout the country. In France, the denial of crimes against humanity since 1990 is punishable as a specific offense. Judges may put Holocaust deniers for up to one year in prison, or they can pay high fines.

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