JP2/Jewish Exhibit at Union Station is worth the trip

A large banner hangs on the front facade of the stately Union Station building with details of the exhibit. The exhibit opened February 4th and is titled "A Blessing To One Another: John Paul II & The Jewish People". It will continue its run through March 27th. The exhibit traces the relationship between Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II) and the Jewish People from his earliest days in Poland through his Papacy. It is sponsored by Avila University and is free to the public.

Some members of the Oratory have indicated that the exhibit is worth an hour or two of your time and would be a worthwhile excursion into history. Some of the exhibit items are presented in a way that might cause a traditional Catholic a brief annoyance as they seem to be couched in a point of view that one might disagree with. But these can be taken for what they are and placed in their proper context.

It is very nice to see the image of a Roman Catholic Pope displayed on a public building. This is a surprising and rewarding sight. Avila University, Bishop Finn and the Jewish Community should be commended for this informational effort.

We'd be very pleased to publish other "reviews" of the exhibit.  Just email your thoughts.

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