To veil...or not to veil...

As the Oratory grows in attendance with many who have little or no experience with the culture that surrounds of the Extraordinary form of the Mass, this question comes up frequently. 

If you wear a veil in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, your desire to show this form of respect for our Lord surely must please God. However, Holy Mother Church does not require one to wear head covering. Wearing of veils by women was required under the 1917 Code of Canon Law, but in the 1983 version of the Code, the requirement was dropped.

Many women support the idea of wearing head coverings in church saying that it is a beautiful and traditional way of expressing reverence. But, according to Church law, women who choose differently in this matter are not thereby being disrespectful or less devout.

Martha Wisniewski (above), an Oratory member who recently decided to begin wearing a mantilla, said that she "felt that the veil helped her focus her concentration on the altar". "I am a convert" she said, "and I was never sure of my own mind on this subject until recently." She indicated that she felt good about her decision to join other women in the congregation who expressed their reverence in this way.

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