Anybody ready to start thinking/planning...for the next needed project?

The Old St. Patrick Oratory is a friendly, cohesive community. After Mass yesterday we trooped out of the church and of course it struck us that there was no place to go to socialize. Where was the coffee and donuts...???!!!

Fortunately it was a beautiful morning so a little chit-chat was possible in the brisk air. But soon the weather won't cooperate. So, we must begin to think about alternatives for social gathering and community activities to be sure that we don't lose our closeness.

Whatever permanent solution is devised., it will be costly and another big commitment. Have you got any ideas? What are your thoughts on how you think we should proceed. 


Curmudgeon said...


Anonymous said...

What happened to the upstairs meeting room?

Another point of view! said...


An elderly Jewish man is praying to God...

"Please God, let me win the Powerball. Please. Please."

A reply is heard.

Abe. Meet me half-way. Buy a ticket!



Still there. Still able to accomodate about a dozen persons comfortably. About twenty if everyone is very friendly.