Labor of Love

A Labor of Love. This is how on Saturday evening, October 18th, FOX Television Channel 4 in Kansas City described the volunteer effort at renovating Old St. Patrick Oratory. The very-well produced segment which was videotaped in documentary-style over the months and years of the renovation process and shown on the evening news program, featured the almost unbelievable effort of the Oratory volunteers in their "labor of love". Shown telling their story were: Don Deister, who captained the effort with friends and parish colleagues: Paul Estopare, Walt Marnett, Teresa Villotti, Maria Villotti, Joseph Villotti, Jacob Villotti, and Alan Troyer. It also featured Bishop Robert Finn. It is an inspiring tale that will be helpful for all in our parish family to more fully understand the effort that these parishioners put into the renovation process for..., as Jacob Villotti was quoted as saying in the film, "...the greater glory of God". To view the news feature, click here.

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