Today is the day!!

We'll be leaving shortly for church and the dedication ceremony. We are singing in the choir of about 30 voices which includes a bunch of great singers from St. Francis de Sales Oratory in St. Louis. They drove over to pitch in with their prodigious talent. The Mass is Palestrina's Missa Brevis. (Update 10/26/2008: the photo is of a part of the men's chant schola that included men from St. Francis de Sales Oratory in St. Louis, Old St. Patrick and from the Shrine of Christ the King in Chicago).

All the last minute work was completed by a huge crew of workers last night that included all the sisters of the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles who helped make the church sparkle. The church is beautiful. Everyone has done such a great job!

Remember! This dedication ceremony and Mass is by invitation only and all seats are reserved. So, if you were thinking of coming down...please don't. If you don't have a ticket you won't be admitted. However, High Mass is tomorrow at 9:15 a.m. And, everyday thereafter. The Mass schedules are in the column to the right.

We'll have lots of pictures up perhaps even later today...although this ceremony is about five hours long and there's a reception after. So, pictures might not be until later.

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