Father McBrien slips quietly into Kansas City...

Notre Dame professor, Father Richard McBrien gave a talk at a Unitarian Church in Kansas City recently. (What Catholic church would let him on the premises?) Of course the National Catholic Reporter interviewed him as if his thoughts are relevant to anyone but the relativist left. In his review of the interview, Fr. Z. lets him have it with both barrels. Isn't it incumbent on any visiting priest to check in with the chancery when they get in town? Can you imagine what that conversation entailed, if indeed Father McBrien followed this common courtesy. Fr. McBrien isn't allowed to spread his heresies in the Catholic Key any longer...so he has to come here in person. We understand that the talk was sponsored by lay Catholics...and an estimated 100+ were in attendance.

Catholic press reaction to Father McBrien's talk and interview in the NCR was pretty universial. For example: “Father McBrien’s blatant disregard and contempt for the leadership of the Catholic Church is nothing new,” said Patrick J. Reilly, President of The Cardinal Newman Society. “Until Notre Dame and other Catholic colleges are rid of such jaded liberal theologians, the renewal of Catholic higher education can never be complete.”

Isn't the photo above an edifying image of a Catholic priest? 

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