Gorgeous statuary arrives from restoration company (click on pix for larger versions)

The statue of St. Patrick that was in the Oratory when we took over, although dramatically carved, was pretty homely. And it had about 10 coats of paint on it. At the direction of architect Bill Heyer with a color plan devised by him, the statue turned out beautifully. Much of the paint was removed and repainted a stark white accented with meticulous gold-leafing. This scheme mixes well with the overall look of the building interior. It also accents the beautiful solid marble side altar statues. The restoration of these statues is very simple, but the effect is stunning!
The pictures show (click on the images for a larger image):
  • Saint Patrick.
  • Saint Bridget - This statue was originally in the Oratory but had found a different home some years ago. Through the auspices of the Chancery, the statue was returned to its first home, Old St. Patrick
  • Saint Joseph - This gigantic statue, over 7 feet tall, will be on display in the vestibule of the Oratory on the south side.
  • The last photo shows an artist from Restorations Plus of St. Louis, Missouri putting the finishing touches on the restoration of the top of the baptismal font that will be used in the church. This font was part of the items given to the Oratory by the Boston Archdiocese.

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