Old St. Patrick Oratory - Photo Highlight

Soaring heights and sparkling stained glass greet visitors to Old St. Patrick Oratory. The initial first impression is one of awe and surprise at the brightness and luminosity. To those who had previously seen the interior of the neglected church when we first assumed possession in 2005 and began the renovation, the first impression is more of astonishment at the amazing change in appearance.

A book, "Kansas City" published by the Kansas City Chapter of The American Institute of Architects, 1979, page 59, states that the church was designed by Asa Beebe Cross, a pioneer architect of the city, in the Italianate (Baroque) style. Another book, "Kansas City: A Place in Time", published by the Landmarks Commission of Kansas City, Missouri, 1977, page 43, says the same thing. Some prefer to identify the architecture of the church as Italian Renaissance Revival.

But whatever the correct architectural description, the church has been transformed into a perfect vessel for the beauty and majesty of the Latin Mass and its embodiment of the patriomony of the centuries of church history.

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