A couple more photos of the Oratory getting ready for Saturday morning

Things are moving along smartly and it definitely looks like everything is going to be "almost" ready. But those who attend won't really notice what is not completely done.
  1. The first picture is of candle holders and candles that have been affixed to the outside wall panels and will be used as part of the dedication ceremonies. These are temporary and will be removed after the ceremonies. However they will be re-used yearly thereafter on each anniversay of the dedication for a special ceremony to mark the date.
  2. Next, a new outside sign has been installed on the front of the church. In the lower part of the sign changeable information will be posted. The sign is metal and the temporary information will be placed on magnetic sections for easy placement and removal.
  3. All the cabinetry for the sacristy is now installed. These drawers and cabinets are for the storage of vestment and liturgical items.

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