Encouraging statistics from the Coalition in Support of Ecclesia Dei

In the recent newsletter of the Coalition, Executive Director Mary Kraychy cites some figures about growth of the TLM (now called the "Extraordinary form" or "the Gregorian Mass") that are certainly positive:
  • In June, 2007 there were 210 Indult Masses in 110 U.S. dioceses. By September, 2008 there are now over 300 Gregorian Masses (almost 100 new), in 152 Dioceses (out of 187 U. S. dioceses), a growth of 40 new dioceses.
  • Training programs in the Gregorian Mass are being offered by the Institute of Christ the King, the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter/Una Voce America and the Canons Regular of Saint John Cantius.
  • Also, individual priests are offering instructions, as are a few U.S. diocesan seminaries. 
  • Several excellent training films are available and are being used by interested priests.

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